Allevyn Classic Range

Allevyn Classic Range

From the beginning ALLEVYN was designed to respond to the human body: a range of sizes, shapes and formats, responsive triple layer technology for optimal fluid handling and Ag options when an antimicrobial is needed.


The Allevyn Classic Range
 Allevyn Adhesive allevyn adhesive rectangle   With a secure adhesive for when security is paramount and dressing retention is key.
 Allevyn Non-Adhesive  allevyn non adhesive  A versatile dressing range ideal for compromised skin
 Allevyn Gentle  allevyn gentle square  With a low tack, soft gel adhesive for gentle application
 Allevyn Gentle Border  allevyn gentle border sacrum  A gentle silicone adhesive dressing available in a range of shapes and sizes for challenging areas
 Allevyn Gentle Border Lite   allevyn gentle border lite multisite  A soft, light, flexible silicone adhesive dressing for lightly exuding wounds
 Allevyn Ag  allevyn gentle border square ag  All the benefits of ALLEVYN with added silver for when an antimicrobial is required


  • Manufacturer: smith&nephew
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