Outrigger II Shoulder Immobilizer

Outrigger II Shoulder Immobilizer

The Outrigger II abducted shoulder immobilizer is versatile enough to comply with various treatment protocols.


Step-down Treatment Protocol

The Outrigger II easily transitions from an Abducted Shoulder Immobilizer to a Shoulder Immobilizer to an Arm Sling to allow for a progressive treatment program.

Extra Abduction Security

If desired, the waist strap attachment points are easily repositioned from the pillow to the sling envelope. This provides greater security against excessive abduction motion.

Adjustable Shoulder Pad

Unique fastening tab allows shoulder pad to be easily repositioned on the shoulder strap. The pillow is designed to position the arm in approximately 15° of abduction.

  • Rotator cuff repairs
  • Postoperative Bankhart procedures
  • Capsular shifts
  • Glenohumeral dislocations or subluxation
  • Soft tissue shoulder strains or repairs
Size Measurements

Bilateral design fits left or right shoulder

  • Small Up to 13 ½"
  • Medium Up to 14 ½"
  • Large Up to 15 ½"
  • X-Large Up to 17 ½"


  • Manufacturer: Professional Orthopedic Products
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