A non-binding band that is gentle on your skin.


JOBST® Sensitive is a non-binding, easy to wear silicone band for thigh high compression stockings that are gentle on patients’ skin.

An Even Distribution of Friction

Our unique weaving process means that JOBST® Sensitive stays in place by applying an even friction across the welt creating a soft grip on the skin.

Faster Sweat Transmission

With the lowest silicone coverage on the market JOBST® Sensitive absorbs moisture and sweat underneath the welt much faster. This, in combination with a good evaporation rate allows the patient to feel less sweaty and more comfortable.



  • Compression Level: 15-20 mmHg 20-30 mmHg 30-40 mmHg
  • Available for: Women
  • Colour & Sizes:

    Available in JOBST® Opaque and JOBST® UltraSheer thigh high stockings.



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