Tranquility Personal Care Pads

Adult liners have an adhesive strip on the back, to be worn in regular underwear for a discreet appearance helping to maintain a normal active lifestyle.  Their peach core has excellent absorption capacities and helps maintain Personal Care Pads have 3 levels of absorbency, in 3 different sizes to conform to individual needs.  


The soft peach core and 2 embossed channels direct fluid into the product providing skin dryness and odor reduction while protecting delicate skin from the effects of wetness.  Gentle elastics form a cup shape that enables a secure fit.  These pads have a moisture-proof backing and adhesive strip so they can be worn in regular underwear.  Latex-free.n skin dryness and odor reduction. Latex-free.


  • Absorbency: Medium
  • Available in:

    • Super Personal Care Pad
    • Ultimate Personal Care Pad
    • OverNight Personal Care Pad
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